Like every other kid, who is yet to be robbed off their innocence Jules was curious by nature. She would ponder in deep thoughts which were linked gracefully and their sense (was something which) would often become the great and a huge part of the mystery. It was often missing but never really missed. 

Magic lies within

Like a gust of air, she used fly to past, unnoticed. And that must be the reason why she was a pro in hide and seek. She would stand behind the trees whenever in trouble as though it will save her from consequences. Those trees, trails, and that damp woody misty essence which lingered up the place, taught her something much more than the materialistic, superstitious and fickle world can ever know.

Trees and Trails

There is much to gain than to lose

The trees became her companion and followed her every where in the little world of hers, listening to the tales she had to tell. The scent which enchantedly lingered over the place was something enchanted enough to escape one from their grieves. Uplifting the soul with every breath.

The sounds heard when she ran up and down, trailing down those narrow trails would echo before subsiding. With her steps, she went snapping sticks from fallen off branches and the crisp of the dried out leaves.

True Beauty

Forest’s Child

Those trees taught her her to stand tall and face the harshness which the winds and the changing times brought. Taught her to flutter freely like the leaves of a tree in the air. To spread an aroma, an essence full of life, which would go on transforming mind full to mindfulness, lonliness to lonelilessness. This is the force, the power which she inherited from the forest.

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