Exciting stuff to try during LOCKDOWN

From larp to T- shirt painting:

For those who don’t know what LARP is, it is the abbreviation for Live Action Role Play, which I personally just found out about, recently. This quarantine had led me to explore and stumble upon new exciting stuff in literature, games, and sciences.

So here’s recap of what I’ve came across in sciences, I learned about EMI (electomagnetic induction), and motion dampening caused by induced field. It was interesting to know that owing to these two phenomenas, high speed trains and roller coasters are stopped using magnetic braking system.

I painted a T- shirt with my bitmoji on it, using some acrylic paints. I hope you would like to see cause here’s a picture of it.

T-Shirt painting

And created some character cards for LARP’s sake, even a lease agreement, and hurled some custom clothing.

The process of painting a t-shirt is really calming and I recommend doing it if you are into art. The other thing which I enjoy is cycling.