A Tale to Scare: ‘Lost and Never Found’

grimly pretty

On this very day, Riffy was all set to rock on her music concert in Philadelphia. She couldn’t believe it was finally the most awaited day of her life. Riffy was the lead singer of her rock band, The Dragons. The Band had worked for years to fulfill their dreams, and it seemed they got a perfect opportunity as this concert which was organised by International Music Hunt, a famous music company. That means their band could get a global recognition. This was the most desired crave of The Dragons, and it should be, for years they have been working on their talent which had payed off and refined their skills.Jimmy and Sam were a bit apprehensive, nervous as well as excited , this feeling wasn’t leaving them alone.And that’s how our girl , Riffy was feeling, after all it was their big day. Hoping for the best they showcased their talent on stage and were glad to receive a positive response from the audience which relieved them from worrying. In all the hustle and reverberation time flew past and soon it was late.

And they were ready to drive back to their hotel, as each one of them was exhausted. They came out of the auditorium from the VIP door, and luckily the fans could not spot them. They stood under a shed waiting for their vanity van to arrive, which to there relief was already parked at the corner of a dingy car park. Jimmy asks,”How come we are the only ones standing here, where did all the others go?”.To this Riffy replied,”we came out from the back, remember?”. And all of the three began laughing at Jimmy’s forgetfulness.

The driver drove the car to where the band was standing. Two of them just opened the doors and flung themselves in. While Sam saw something strange through the driver’s window, he stood motionless trying to have clearer view, when Jimmy pulled him inside. Without further ado the driver pulled the car on the road. As they sat in there quietly, scrolling through their phones, there was a subtle strangeness in the atmosphere.

Riffy was showing the highlights of the event to Sam and Jimmy. When her glance fell upon the driver’s seat and to her surprise it seemed as though no one was sitting there. She thought that it might be a delusion and ignored it, rather began laughing. And told it to both of them but soon her laughter transformed into fear. When Sam, who was leaning towards the driver’s seat peaked and realised that there was nothing but air and yet they were being driven. ‘How can this old car go, on its own?’, ‘Am I hallucinating?’ he shouted in fear.

Then suddenly they felt a presence dark figure sitting just behind them. All of them turned to discover the driver sitting at the back seat of the car. The man laughed grimly while he held his hand with both his hands and turned it at 360 degrees. It was then, when the lights went out and utter silence submerged in. It’s been years, yet no one knows, where Riffy and her band disappeared from that event? And this story of what might had happened spread like wildfire.


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