My Quarantine Art

Now that we have the time to do all that we ever wanted to do, so, why don’t we use it effectively. I too, like all other students have online classes going on. I too, have hobbies. And today, I am willing to flash some of my quarantine cartoon sketches here with you all, to inspire you to explore your creative side.

Together we can bring lifeless sheets of paper to life with a stroke of brush. Explore in the world full of serendipity.

Do you, just like eveybody else in the world, want, to go out of your house? I know this is a common yearning, no worries here is a solution to it. Put your emotions into your art work and you will be able to teleport to places, different worlds of imaginations without even leaving your room. AND DON’T TELL ME IT’S DIFFICULT, cause it’s not.

1. Blue haired girl (Hue Magic)

blue vibes

2. Girl Cartoon Sketch (DARK AND FURY)

dark and fury

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