Dense Woods

If you ever happened to be walking alone in the woods. Sounds creepy and mysterious, doesn’t it? And today we will try to get the same kind of experience but rather in a different way. So get ready to explore lot of things along the way as we embark on this mysterious journey, together.

‘Walking in the woods experience’ is one thing which we all had experienced and still are. If you say, you haven’t then your body is not doing homeostasis, and you probably aren’t alive.

Okay, enough of the riddles. What I am trying to convey is that ‘life’ is very much similar to ‘woods’, and you might want to know how? Or maybe you don’t. But here I go.

1. Mystery

Walking and exploring in the woods is similar to exploring in life, as we don’t know what each new moment will bring. So there is a lot of mystery.But do remember there is always a reason behind every mystery. At night when its dark we might hear or see many mysterious things but when the day breaks we realise that every mystery had an explanation behind its existence.

2. Fear

Sometimes mystery transforms into thrill. It happens when we overthink. Again taking the woods example, imagine of walking alone with trees and creatures when you suddenly hear a croak, you will be scared even before knowing the source of the sound, it might be poor little frog. But you won’t be able to overcome your fear until you calm yourself and meet your fear. And for sure after meeting your fear, you will realize that it wasn’t worth all that worrying. But it will only happen when you will take charge to face your fear for your betterself. And you, the one sitting behind the screen can do anything.

3. Beauty

For your journey so far in the woods or I might say life.You will see things the way, you want to. You might end up cribbing for your dirty shoes or be grateful and feel blessed for being a part of the wondrous journey, where you are able explore the nature and the self. Life is as beautiful as you will make it.So go on and explore.The way you look at things makes a lot of difference.

Sorry, for being super late, but I want to wish you all a happy mother’s day 😉

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