Diversity is important

Zatch was one of the friendliest kids to be with. All of this just changed when Zatch started going to school. In-fact Zatch was a completely different kid in school. This was because of the fact that maybe, he was antisocial and an introvert. If not being talked to, he does not say anything. It’s his habit to speak only when the question is specifically being asked to him.

On the other hand, there was a girl called Aria. She was the most talkative and humorous girl on the entire planet. She likes to make new friends and is really quick to speak up. Aria wants everybody to talk to her, but that would rarely happen.Chances of it is like one and a half out of a million. Now, you might be thinking ‘why?’.This is because Aria is surrounded by kids like Zatch. While Zatch has experienced only Aria like kids. Both of the kinds are completely opposite but happened to be in the same world.

Now you would think it’s not just, nobody is ever satisfied. Well I would say that creating Aria like and Zatch like kids in the world was a calculated step of God.Think what will the world turn into if everyone will be talkative. Nobody will ever listen. So it was important to frame a Zatch for every Aria. You know why, just to make the earth a neutral planet. We would not have liked a polar Earth and to prevent this the Zatch like and the Aria like kids were created so that the net charge on our planet is zero.

celebrate diversity!

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